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Mar 30 2014

Louisiana Black Bear Maze

Louisiana Black Bear Maze

Louisiana Black Bear Maze

Try to solve the Louisiana Black Bear Maze.

The Louisiana Black Bear is a type of black bear that lives in the hardwood forests on the floodplains of Louisiana, Mississippi and east Texas.  One of 16 subspecies of the black bear, the Louisiana Black Bear is the only one that is endangered.  It is distinguished from the other subspecies by its relatively flatter, narrower and longer skull; and larger molar teeth.

The Louisiana Black Bear is an omnivore; and opportunistic in its feeding habits.  The majority of its diet comes from nuts and berries that are commonly found in its ecosystem.  Before the winter comes the black bear will add up to 30 pounds of fat to its body weight.  This is in preparation for the winter hibernation.  The bear will cease eating or drinking; and neither urinate or defecate for up to 5 months.  The bear’s heart rate drops from 40 or 50 beats per minute to 8 beats per minute.

Human development of the forests is the bear’s major threat to its existence.  Some of this is agricultural, some commercial and some residential.  In addition, the bear is considered a pest; getting in to garbage, and raiding grain silos and fields alike.  Therefore, many people may feel justified in killing these animals, even though it is illegal.

The bear was listed as an endangered species in 1992; and that same year was declared the state mammal of Louisiana.  People have threatened its existence; and people can help to make them more numerous.  We just have to leave their territory alone.

Original artwork is copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.  Drawn with india ink on 9″ x 12″ Bristol white vellum surface paper.  Made in Michigan.  Built to last.

Download a PDF of the Louisiana Black Bear Maze here!

Click here for the solution to the Louisiana Black Bear Maze.

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Dec 07 2013

Goat Maze

GoatHave fun solving this goat art maze.  It’s got a lot of twists and turns in it, like a goat climbing up a cliff.

The original artwork is on 7″ x 10″ Canson Mix Media paper; and, like a few others on this site, was drawn with a mix of archival and non-archival ink.  Drawn by Rob Hughes.

You can view the solution to this maze here.

Download a PDF of the Goat Maze here!

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Nov 28 2013

Squirrels and Acorns Silhouette Maze



Squirrel and Acorn Silhouette Maze

Squirrel and Acorn Silhouette Maze


Will the squirrels in this silhouette maze find their acorns in the spring?  Can you find your way from the in arrow to the out arrow?  Can you count the number of squirrels in the picture?  What about the acorns?

Original artwork by Rob Hughes.  Drawn on 11″ x 14″ Strathmore acid free paper with Faber-Castell indian ink.  Built to last in Michigan!

Here is the solution path.

Download a PDF of the Squirrels and Acorns maze here!

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