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Nov 26 2013

Cryptomaze 002 “Vigenere’s Cat”

Vigenere's CatThis cryptomaze uses a formula first described in Le Cifra Del by G. B. Bellaso.  In some ways it is similar to the other cryptomazes I have created, and in another – specifically the encoding method – it is not.  The other cryptomazes generally use a Caesar Cipher.  Not this one.  Have fun solving the maze and decoding the embedded word.

Solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  There is no further message in these earlier cryptomazes.  Use the key V=P to help decode them both.

Original artwork by Rob Hughes.  Drawn on a 7″ x 10″ piece of Canson mix media acid free paper with Faber-Castell indian ink.  Built to last and made with love in Michigan.

The solution to the maze part of the puzzle is here.  If you think you have the answer word to the encrypted word, let me know in the comments below; or send an email to rob at heretoamaze dot com.

Download a PDF of “Vigenere’s Cat” here!

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