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From The Amazing Animal Alphabet Book

These are mazes inspired by the form and existence of various animals.

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Endangered Species Animal Mazes

With Endangered Species Day coming up on May 20th, 2016, I wanted to do something to promote awareness about the plight of animals and the environment.  These mazes each feature an endangered animal of some sort or another.

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Silhouette Mazes

Silhouette mazes are detailed, hypnotic and beautiful.  Drawing them is challenging!

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CryptoMazes are a newly invented puzzle type, a “puzzle within a puzzle.”  To solve the puzzle you need to solve the maze while keeping track of the letters the maze passes through.  Then those letters form a cryptogram.  I am creating cryptograms with a focus on positivity and inspiration.

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All Mazes

Here you will find the mazes in the order uploaded.  All mazes here can be found elsewhere on the site.

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