Feb 23 2016

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Poweshiek Skipperling

Have fun solving the skipperling maze!

Have fun solving the skipperling maze!

The Poweshiek Skipperling range once stretched along the northern prairies from the Dakotas through Manitoba to the southern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The prairies are greatly reduced in size from their original status – there is less than 1 percent of viable prairie land left. What does remain is often separated by developed land or is itself of degraded quality. These conditions make it hard for the Poweshiek Skipperling and other species to survive.

This species helps to illustrate how fire management is not a one size fits all solution. Wildlife experts use fire to discourage non-native woody plants and cool season grasses; however, the skipperling larvae are destroyed by fire. Therefore controlled and infrequent burns are better than large scale burns.

The skipperling caterpillar changes into a butterfly between June and August. The adults generally choose the slender spike rush as the host plant where females lay eggs singly. These eggs hatch by late summer and the larvae develop through early fall. Caterpillars hibernate through the winter and continue developing the following spring.

Original artwork is copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.  Drawn with india ink on 9″ x 12″ Bristol white vellum surface paper.  Made in Michigan with quality materials.

Download the Poweshiek Skipperling maze here!

Here is the solution for the Poweshiek Skipperling maze.

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