Mar 07 2014

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Cryptomaze “Choose”

Cryptomaze "Choose"

Cryptomaze “Choose”

In life there are ups and downs.  Things we don’t like, and things that we do.  How we react to the external world has a profound effect on our inner life; our equilibrium.  With these thoughts in mind, I developed the word and message for this cryptomaze.

To solve this cryptomaze, first solve the maze.  Then use the key A=M to decode the letters the path went through.  Then use the same key to decode all of the letters in the diagram.  You can solve the cryptogram in the diagram first if you want to, it may make it easier.

Artwork and concept copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.  Drawn with india ink on Canson Vellum 9″ x 12″ archival paper.  Made with love; built to last.

You can see the solution to the Cryptomaze “Choose” here.

Download a PDF of the Cryptomaze Choose here!

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