Feb 14 2014

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I Desire Cryptomaze!

I Desire Cryptomaze

I Desire Cryptomaze

This cryptomaze is loosely based on a quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana “Generally, people need less than a quarter of what they want.”  There is an immediate link between this quote and the content of the cryptomaze.  The cryptomaze is also loosely based on the fifth Buddhist precept to practice mindful eating, drinking and consuming.  Often this precept is focused just on intoxicants.  Sometimes it is broadened to include all aspects of consuming.  In my own life I see that there is a time and place for consumption; and rarely, if ever, for powerful intoxicants, like alcohol.  I found this out through the process of trial and error.

Please note that the instructions for solving the cryptomaze have changed slightly.  The message (this time more of a question) incorporates all of the letters in the cryptomaze, including the ones in the maze path.  Perhaps it would be easier to solve the 28 characters first, as a cryptogram, and then go through the maze to see the “hidden word”.

Artwork and concept copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.  Drawn with india ink on Canson acid free vellum.

You can see the solution to I Desire Cryptomaze here.

Download a PDF of I Desire Cryptomaze here!

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