Feb 12 2014

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Coho Salmon Maze

Coho Salmon Maze

Coho Salmon Maze

The Coho Salmon is plentiful in some areas, and threatened or endangered in others.  This is represented in the overall population decline of the species over the last 10 years.  There are several reasons for their decrease, among them fishing (which is still allowed) and damns along the rivers they return to in the late fall and early winter to spawn.

The Coho starts its life in a freshwater stream or river and (except for transplants to The Great Lakes) spends much of its adult life in salt water – The Pacific Ocean.  They range all the way from Central California up to Alaska along the Bering Strait and on to Russia and Japan.  They form the central staple of many traditional diets along their territory.

Take a look at the Coho Salmon Maze and see if you can run your way through it.

Original artwork composed on Bristol 9″ x 12″ acid free vellum surface paper with India Ink.  Copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.

Download a PDF of the Coho Salmon Maze here!

You can see the solution to the Coho Salmon Maze here.

You can purchase this design on a greeting card.


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