Jan 31 2014

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Cryptomaze 015 “Great Soul”

Cryptomaze 015Cryptomaze instructions: first solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  Then there is an encrypted message in the left over letters.  Use the key M=G to help decode them both. 

Cryptomaze 015 “great soul” – and the clue in the title doesn’t refer to James Brown either!  The form has varied here from the previous cryptomazes.  The left over letters still have a hidden message in them, but it is harder to uncover.  Can you do it?!

I based the artwork here on a spiral.  The initial circles (as a group) were roughly drawn to fit a spiral shape.  Once I had the circles for the letters in place, I then came up with a phrase that fit the number of circles I’d drawn.  Only I had a phrase two letters longer than the number of circles drawn.  So I drew a couple more.  Since the letters were no longer in neat rows I came up with another way to group the left over letters together so the could be encrypted for the cryptomaze’s message.  Hope you enjoy solving it!

Original artwork drawn by Rob Hughes.  9″ x 12″ Canson Vellum acid-free paper with india ink.  Built to last!

You can see the solution to cryptomaze 015 “Great Soul” here.

Download a PDF of Cryptomaze 015 here!

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