Jan 24 2014

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Cryptomaze 014 “Freedom!”

Cryptomaze 014 "Freedom"

Cryptomaze 014 “Freedom”

Cryptomaze instructions: first solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  Then there is an encrypted message in the left over letters.  Use the key E=C to help decode them both.

Cryptomaze 014 features a word that gets a lot of press “freedom”.  I remember growing up with this word, not in any real personal sense of the word; but rather from the descriptions of slavery and Jim Crow.  The sense of personal freedom, that is what the word means personally to me; well I didn’t have a good sense of that until my late 30’s.  Somewhere around that time I took a 3 day long personal growth workshop, and while I didn’t become a basketball star, I did get a better understanding of the word “freedom”.  And the answer to this cryptogram sums up what that word means to me (not so much the encrypted message – though that is also a viable end result of freedom).

So take the challenge here, find out a little bit more about me, and maybe yourself, and solve the cryptomaze.

Original artwork by Rob Hughes.  Drawn on acid free Canson Vellum 9″ x 12″ paper with Faber-Castell india ink.

Download a PDF of cryptomaze 014 here

You can see the solution to cryptomaze 014 here.

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