Jan 17 2014

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Cryptomaze 013 “The Path Less Taken”

Cryptomaze 013

“Lucky” Cryptomaze 013

The message of cryptomaze 013 is meant to be cautionary rather than ecstatic, though either interpretation is valid.  You’ll just have to solve the cryptomaze – and then consider how the message relates to the word – to see what I mean.  It’s up to you!

I believe that mistakes in artwork may (sometimes at least) be absorbed into the whole; and this idea proved essential to this drawing.  The form calls for 28 letters to be encrypted.  Near the completion of the drawing process I realized that I had 31 letters total – 3 more than intended.  I squashed the impulse to raze my drafting table to the ground, turned it around, and made a larger maze!

Solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  There is also a encrypted message in the left over letters.  Use the key V=P to help decode them both.

The solution to the puzzle is suitable for all ages.  Hope you enjoy solving the cryptomaze.

The artwork was drawn on 55lb Canson vellum paper with Faber-Castell inks by Rob Hughes.  Made to last.  The original is available, please inquire.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun with the cryptomazes!

You can find the solution to cryptomaze 013 here.

Download a PDF of cryptomaze 013 here!

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