Jan 15 2014

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X-Ray Fish

X-Ray Fish Maze

X-Ray Fish Maze

The X-Ray Fish, also known as the Pristella Maxillaris or Pristella Tetra, is a fish native to the Amazon River basin. This omnivorous fish lives in large groups, and is very hardy. It is comfortable in a wide range of acidic to alkaline water. It likes both fresh and slightly brackish water equally. The X-Ray Fish has translucent skin that reveals some of its bones and interior organs. Because of its unique appearance and robust nature, this fish is often kept in aquariums.

  • X-Ray Fish usually live about 4 – 5 years. They spawn between 300 – 400 eggs at a time. 24 hours later, these eggs hatch into tiny and delicate fish that receive no assistance from either parent. They will grow into adults after about 9 months.

  • An adult X-Ray Fish is slightly less than 2 inches long; the males are a little smaller and slimmer than females.

  • They are omnivores and feed on small insects, worms and plankton.

  • The X-Ray Fish exhibits shoaling behavior: they need to have others of their kind nearby, though each individual may go its own way. Fish that school together, for comparison, usually move as a group in unison with all other members of that group.

  • In aquariums, X-Ray Fish do best in groups of 10, though as few as 6 is acceptable.

  • The X-Ray Fish, like many other fish, has a swim bladder, which is an air-filled sac that maintains and controls buoyancy. The X-Ray is part of a subgroup of fishes whose swim bladder connects via the vertebrae to the inner ear and gives the fish superior hearing. This arrangement between bladder and bone is called a Weberian apparatus.

You can see the solution to the X-Ray Fish maze here.

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The original was drawn on 7″ x 10″ Canson acid free mix media paper with Faber-Castell archival quality inks by Rob Hughes.

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