Jan 10 2014

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Cryptomaze 012 “The Love Beat!”

Cryptomaze 012

Cryptomaze 012

Cryptomaze 012 was drawn in the relatively balmy month of December.  Who knew it would get so cold this year (Jan 2014)?!  Now we are leaving “Pola Vortex” and hopefully heading into something better.  Find your way through cryptomaze 012, and you’ll uncover timeless wisdom – better even than tea and scones (if you can believe that!)

Solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  There is also a encrypted message in the left over letters.  Use the key O=C to help decode them both.

The solution to the puzzle is suitable for all ages; and in this case the solution word doubles as the first word in the solution phrase.  Hope you enjoy solving the cryptomaze.

Original artwork available.  Please inquire.  Drawn on acid free 7″ x 10″ Canson mix media paper with Faber-Castell Indian ink by Rob Hughes.  Made to last.

Thanks for stopping by, and stay warm – regardless of the weather!

You can find the solution to cryptomaze 012 here.

Download the PDF for Cryptomaze 012 here!

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  1. Andi Galactic

    You should a grim reaper maze! Sorry, random thought…

  2. Robert Hughes

    Random thoughts greatly appreciated! It would go nicely with cryptomaze . . .

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