Jan 03 2014

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Cryptomaze 011: “Keep at it!”

Cryptomaze 011The cryptomaze is a combination of a maze and cryptogram.  You’ll likely face some dead ends while solving this one!  They are fun and challenging to complete.

Solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  There is also a encrypted message in the left over letters.  Use the key P=J to help decode them both.

The solution to the puzzle, as with all the other ones at this site, is suitable for all ages; and is meant to inspire and inform.

Original artwork by Rob Hughes available, please enquire.  Archival inks; and Canson 7″x10″ mix media acid free paper ensure long life.

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You can see the solution to cryptomaze 011 here!

Download a PDF of cryptomaze 011 here!

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