Dec 07 2013

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Cryptomaze 006 “Acceptance”

Cryptomaze 006 "Acceptance"

Cryptomaze 006 “Acceptance”

Here is a earlier variety of the cryptomaze.  It is solved in the same way as the later cryptomazes.  Make your way through the maze, and note which letters you pass through.  Those letters form a cryptogram.  Use the hint F=E to solve the cryptogram.  All of the cryptograms are based on the golden rectangle; and in this earlier variety, the letters are also placed in golden rectangles.

The maze is drawn on 7″ x 10″ Canson mix media acid free paper with a mix of archival and non-archival inks.  By Rob Hughes.

Download a PDF of cryptomaze 006 here!

You can see the solution for the cryptomaze here.

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