Dec 05 2013

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Iguana maze

Iguana Maze

         Iguanas are a type of cold-blooded lizard found in much of South America and southern Mexico. Different species of iguana have adapted to different habitats. They also have a wide diversity of pigmentation including pink, green and purple. Following are some interesting facts all pertaining to green iguanas.

  • The green iguana is the most common type in the world. It prefers to live in wet forests; either swampy forests, or forests bordering on lakes or rivers like the Amazon.

  • Iguanas live most of their life 40 or 50 feet above ground in the forest canopy.

  • If one accidentally falls it will likely be uninjured, even from a height of up to 50 feet – whether it lands on the ground or in the water.

  • Iguanas only leave the trees when a female lays her eggs, and as soon as she is done depositing them she’s gone. 4 months later, when they hatch, the babies are on their own!

  • Baby iguanas, at birth about an inch long, look just like miniature adult iguanas. They travel in a family pack of about 10 iguanas while growing up since this will help keep them safe from predators. Once they are about a year old they go their separate ways.

  • A full-grown adult iguana can weigh up to 25 pounds, and measure over 6 feet from head to tail. Wild iguanas live about 8 years, while captive individuals may live up to 20.

  • Iguanas often bask on tree limbs overhanging water. This way they can dive to safety if there is an impending threat such as a bird of prey. If the iguana’s tail is caught in the talons of such a bird, it will break off, and the iguana will grow a new one later.

  • An iguana can stay under water for almost 30 minutes without coming up for air.

If you want to see the solution to the maze, look here.

Download a PDF of the Iguana maze here!

This maze is also available as a greeting card.  You can buy it here.

The original artwork was drawn by Rob Hughes on acid free Canson mix media paper with archival Faber-Castell inks is 7″ x 10″.

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