Nov 26 2013

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Cryptomaze 001″Focus”

Cryptomaze 001 "Focus"

Cryptomaze 001 “Focus”

Solve the maze to find the cryptogram word.  There is no further message in this earlier style of cryptomaze.  Use the key P=C to help decode them both.

Find the solution to the maze while you keep track of the letters your path goes through.  Then solve the coded word you have found.  The letters in the coded word will be in the same order as the uncoded word.

Original artwork by Rob Hughes.  Drawn on 7″ x 10″ Canson mix media acid free paper with Faber-Castell india ink.  Built to last and made with love in Michigan.

Download a PDF of cryptomaze 001 here!

The solution to cryptomaze 001 is here!

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