Nov 13 2013

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Cryptomazes Solutions words and phrases.

This post is meant to let you know what some of the various words and phrases are in the cryptomazes themselves.  They are presented in no particular order, and are here to demonstrate the positive and all-ages appropriate nature of the puzzles.  Thanks.  Please note there are more words then phrases because some of the earlier cryptomazes do not feature a phrase as well as a word.

This is not an ehaustive list of solutions.  Instead it is meant as a general overview of the words and phrases I use in cryptomazes.

Words used:

Concentrate, concentration, energetic, patience, wisdom, virtuous, generosity, wisdom

Phrases used:

“Wisdom and compassion are the wings on the bird of love.”

“Goodness is not fearful.”

“Give what is good and helpful.”

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