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The Amazing Animal Alphabet Book

26 Art Mazes and Hundreds of Fun Facts!

Cool animal art mazes fill this book.  Each maze comes with loads of interesting facts about that animal.  The animal’s unique attributes are highlighted along with noteworthy facts and obscure tidbits.  Everyone is sure to learn something with this book and have fun doing it.  Check out the category “The Amazing Animal Alphabet Book” to the right on the screen to view some of the mazes and text that appear in the book.  The book has 26 entries, one for each letter of the alphabet.  The text in the book is similar, but not the same, as the text accompanying the mazes on this website.

Wholesale customers buying 5 or more copies please follow this link.

$15 includes S&H for one copy to U.S. addresses; add $11 for each additional book.  Click “Buy Now” to purchase individual copies of the book.  You will be asked for your physical address, and paypal will take care of the financial interaction.  No international orders!

Explore the rest of this site and you will discover the “silhouette mazes” category.  These are complex drawings that double as mazes and are intricate, hypnotic and beautiful.

The cryptomazes found here are a new sort of puzzle, a hybrid between a maze and a cryptogram.  Try one out, they’re addictive!  The solutions to these puzzles are designed to be positive and appropriate for all ages.  Click here to see a list of the answers to these puzzles – don’t worry it doesn’t give it away so you can still enjoy solving them.

All the mazes and cryptomazes are downloadable as PDF files on the individual post.

Glad you made it here, enjoy the mazes, and have fun!

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Poweshiek Skipperling

The Poweshiek Skipperling range once stretched along the northern prairies from the Dakotas through Manitoba to the southern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula. The prairies are greatly reduced in size from their original status – there is less than 1 percent of viable prairie land left. What does remain is often separated by developed land …

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Karner Blue Butterfly

Try to solve the Karner Blue Butterfly maze. For much of the 20th century forest management techniques overlooked the need various species (such as the Karner Blue Butterfly) have on fire to ensure their survival.  An area cleared by fire (or by mowing near large buildings or along power line corridors) creates a habitat suitable …

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Gray Wolf

The original pen and ink artwork is available for sale. Find words backwards, forwards and diagonally. Download a PDF of the Gray Wolf Maze. Download a PDF of the Gray Wolf Word Search.  

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Black Footed Ferret Maze

To accompany the black footed ferret maze, I’ve created a fill in the blank puzzle, word search and crossword puzzle.  You can see them here or download them at the bottom of the page for non-commercial use at home or school. Here are the downloads – have fun with them! Black Footed Ferret Maze Black …

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Snuffbox Mussel Maze

Snufbox Mussel Maze Original artwork is copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes.  Drawn with india ink on 9″ x 12″ Bristol white vellum surface paper.  Made in Michigan.  Built to last. Copyright 2015 by Robert Hughes Snuffbox Mussel Maze Solution Download a pdf of the snuffbox mussel wordsearch here! Download a pdf of the snuffbox mussel …

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Great Lakes Piping Plover Maze

Original Artwork and paper copyright 2014 by Rob Hughes. The Endangered Great Lakes Piping Plover. The Great Lakes Piping Plover is a migratory bird that made summer nests on the shores of the Great Lakes.  Records from the 1890s show about 680 breeding pairs on sandy beaches from New York to Wisconsin.  During the 20th …

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